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Announcement: Expat Blogging Moved to MaastrichtMinutiae.com!

After considerable thought & work to fix up the new blog space, we’re moving my expat blogging to MaastrichtMinutiae.com. The new site will continue to chronicle our adventures (and misadventures) living and working as expats in Maastricht and allow us to better showcase our podcast by the same name. All the posts from here have been transferred to the new site and new categories created to make the content more accessible. I’m still at WordPress, so if you’ve been using a WordPress.com login to comment you won’t need to make any changes.

New features will be an increased number of “Places Around Maastricht” Reviews and a collection of the expat resources that I’ve found (and sometimes used). Please swing by, reset your feeds, and bookmark the new location. I look forward to seeing you all there.

The future of Single Stitch
Single Stitch Studio will soon be transformed into a professional blog site for my freelance activities. For now I will post short “teasers” to redirect people to MaastrichtMinutiae.com, but expect changes in the relatively near future.

Single Stitch also has a new url, http://www.SingleStitchStudio.com. Please update your bookmarks if you’re interested.

See you soon at MaastrichtMinutiae.com

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